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How to join Compuserve

Step By Step Instructions

Compuserve is a free service you can access from your browser, device or phone. If you are not already a member, the following steps will get your free membership. All you have to do is have an AOL free id.

If you go to this location, http://forums.compuserve.com/discussions/Democratic/ws-democrat?=, and see:

Signing in to Compuserve - Step 1
Step 1

If you already have an ID just enter it and you are good to go. This applies to many forums covering a multitude of topics.

If you click the "Sign In" you enter your ID or click below the "Sign In" to get a free Username which is also an AOL email address. But don't worry about that, you never have to go to the email address unless you want to use it.

Signing in to Compuserve - Step 2
Step 2

The form is one page and you will immediately have your new Compuserve usable ID

Signing in to Compuserve - Step 3
Step 3

What to Expect

The Democrat forum is a great place where you can meet new friends and find out what is going on in the politics of the United States and sometimes beyond. You can "lurk" by only reading the messages or become an active participant and join in on offering your views.

As with most of Compuserve, we are a family friendly forum and we ask that everyone respect that. Offending messages are removed from the public view when they are found.