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Number Range: 5251 - 5275

Date Range: 04/29/21 ~ 06/19/21

Tue, 05/11/2021

Joke Day: #5251

From: 04/29-30

Top of Page     Joke: 01

Late Show W/SC: Cruz And Christie Roundly Mocked While Biden Enjoys Widespread Approval Of Congressional Address

Daily Show w/TN: Biden’s Big Speech: Progressive Proposals & Ted Cruz Caught Napping

Late Late Show w/JC: Rudy Got Raided & We Debate: Idol v. The Voice

Daily Show w/TN: 100 Days of Totally Real Joe Biden Scandals

Wed, 05/12/2021

Joke Day: #5252

From: 04/30

Top of Page     Joke: 02

Late Show W/SC: The More You Joe: Tracking President Biden's Progress After 100 Days In Office

Late Night w/SM: President Biden Calls for Bipartisan Police Reform

Tonight Show w/JF: Mike Pence Delivers Lackluster Speech, Biden Loses Mask at Rally

Real Time w/BM: Monologue: Old Malarkey

Thu, 05/13/2021

Joke Day: #5253

From: 04/30-05/03

Top of Page     Joke: 03

Late Late Show w/JC: Joe Stole America's Heart with a Dandelion

Real Time w/BM: Giuliani Time

Real Time w/BM: New Rule: Crypto Mania!

Late Night w/SM: Rudy Giuliani Claims Trump's DOJ Searched His iCloud Account in 2019: A Closer Look

Fri, 05/14/2021

Joke Day: #5254

From: 05/03-05/04

Top of Page     Joke: 04

Daily Show w/TN: The U.S. May Never Reach Herd Immunity & The U.K. Runs a Massive COVID Experiment

Late Late Show w/JC: Reggie Watts for CA Governor

Tonight Show w/JF: New Poll Finds Americans Haven’t Felt This Optimistic Since 2006

Late Night w/SM: Trump Calls for Recount of 2 Million Arizona Ballots

Sat, 05/15/2021

Joke Day: #5255

From: 05/03-05/04

Top of Page     Joke: 05

Late Night w/SM: Seth Wants to Keep Elbow Bumps, Work from Home and Hobbies After the Pandemic

Daily Show w/TN: Facebook and Apple Battle Over Privacy

Tonight Show w/JF: Biden’s Viral Photo with Jimmy Carter, Pfizer Vaccine to Be Approved for Kids

Late Late Show w/JC: We've Got a VIP Back In the Studio

Sun, 05/16/2021

Joke Day: #5256

From: 05/05

Top of Page     Joke: 06

Late Night w/SM: Biden Raises Annual Refugee Limit to 62,500

Daily Show w/TN: Biden’s Optical Illusion Photo, Vaccines for Teens & Joshes Face Off

Late Late Show w/JC: Should We Take the Show On a Cruise Ship?

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Still Banned from Facebook, Giuliani Needs Trump’s Help with Legal Fees

Mon, 05/17/2021

Joke Day: #5257

From: 05/06

Top of Page     Joke: 07

Late Night w/SM: Republicans Lash Out at Liz Cheney for Not Supporting Trump's Big Lie: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: FB Upholds Trump’s Ban, Rocket Pieces Fall to Earth & Biden’s Vaccine Plan

Tonight Show w/JF: CDC Predicts Sharp Decline in COVID Cases, Russia’s New Sputnik Light Vaccine

Late Late Show w/JC: Facebook to Trump: Stick to Your Blog

Tue, 05/18/2021

Joke Day: #5258

From: 05/06

Top of Page     Joke: 08

Late Night w/SM: Facebook Upholds Decision to Suspend Trump’s Account

Daily Show w/TN: The GOP Pushes Out Liz Cheney & Conspiracy Theorists Take Over Arizona’s Recount

Late Late Show w/JC: Is the Show Going On a Cruise or Not?!

Late Night w/SM: Biden Takes on Big Pharma; DeSantis Signs Voter Suppression Law on Fox: A Closer Look

Wed, 05/19/2021

Joke Day: #5259

From: 05/07

Top of Page     Joke: 09

Late Night w/SM: Giuliani's Allies Demand Trump Pay Him for 2020 Election Representation

Tonight Show w/JF: Legal Fees Force Giuliani to Lay Off Members of His Entourage

Real Time w/BM: Monologue: The Big Lie

Real Time w/BM: New Rule: Sex, Drugs & GOP

Thu, 05/20/2021

Joke Day: #5260

From: 05/07-10

Top of Page     Joke: 10

Late Show W/SC: Trump Censorship and Baby Debate push Tyler to mental limit

Late Night w/SM: Trump Calls for Ballot Recount, Biden Raises Refugee Limit

Daily Show w/TN: Sending Mean Tweets Gets Harder & The Belgium-France Border Gets Moved Accidentally

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Calls Kentucky Derby Winner a "Junky," Fauci Predicts Relaxed Indoor Mask Rules

Fri, 05/21/2021

Joke Day: #5261

From: 05/10-11

Top of Page     Joke: 11

Late Show W/SC: The GOP's Purity Test: Loyalty To The Former President, Or Else

Late Night w/SM: Republicans Are Purging Anyone Who Won't Embrace Trump's Election Lies: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Caitlyn Jenner Takes on Gavin Newsom in the California Recall Election

Late Night w/SM: Trump Calls Kentucky Derby-Winning Horse "Junky" After Failed Drug Test

Sat, 05/22/2021

Joke Day: #5262

From: 05/11

Top of Page     Joke: 12

Late Show W/SC: Juicy Book Alleges The Former First Family Got Extra Cozy With Secret Service Agents

Late Night w/SM: Trump Calls Kentucky Derby-Winning Horse "Junky" After Failed Drug Test

Tonight Show w/JF: Biden’s Vaccine Push, Putin Scores 8 Goals Playing Hockey

Late Late Show w/JC: Social Media Is Tearing Society Apart, But Getting Us Free Clothes!

Sun, 05/23/2021

Joke Day: #5263

From: 05/11-12

Top of Page     Joke: 13

Late Night w/SM: Ya Burnt: COVID Vaccine Cards, the CDC

Daily Show w/TN: Let’s Talk About the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Late Show W/SC: McCarthy Admits Election Wasn't Stolen, But GOP's Tent Isn't Big Enough For Liz Cheney

Late Night w/SM: FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine for Teenagers

Mon, 05/24/2021

Joke Day: #5264

From: 05/12

Top of Page     Joke: 14

Late Night w/SM: Republicans Oust Liz Cheney for Rejecting Trump's Big Lie: A Closer Look

Late Late Show w/JC: James Corden Does a Perfect NYC Accent

Tonight Show w/JF: Liz Cheney Dragged by Trump, Praised by OJ Simpson

Daily Show w/TN: Who’s Running in the NYC Mayoral Race?

Tue, 05/25/2021

Joke Day: #5265

From: 05/12-13

Top of Page     Joke: 15

Daily Show w/TN: Why Everyone Is Boycotting the Golden Globes & SpaceX and Dogecoin Go to the Moon

Daily Show w/TN: GOP Ousts Liz Cheney and Promotes Elise Stefanik

Tonight Show w/JF: CDC Says No More Masks if You're Vaccinated, Ohio’s $1 Million Vaccine Lottery

Daily Show w/TN: Someone Got SIX Pfizer Doses & Trump’s Secret Service Has Secret Relations

Wed, 05/26/2021

Joke Day: #5266

From: 05/13

Top of Page     Joke: 16

Late Show W/SC: Vaccinated People Free To Go Maskless, As "Covid Penis" Concerns Rise

Late Night w/SM: Trump Mocks Liz Cheney After House Republicans Oust Her

Daily Show w/TN: What Is Ransomware? - If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Tonight Show w/JF: News & Improved: Biden Pushes for In-Person Learning

Thu, 05/27/2021

Joke Day: #5267

From: 05/13-15

Top of Page     Joke: 17

Late Night w/SM: Republicans Refuse to Move On from Donald Trump: A Closer Look

Late Show W/SC: Quarantinewhile... Chicago Gambles On Cats To Rid The City Of Rats

Late Night w/SM: Rep. McCarthy Denies Republicans Are Still Focused on 2020 Election Loss

Daily Show w/TN: Bitcoin’s Downturn, $1 Million Vaccine Incentives & Going Undercover in High School

Fri, 05/28/2021

Joke Day: #5268

From: 05/14

Top of Page     Joke: 18

Tonight Show w/JF: Goodbye Masks, Hello NYC’s 1,200-Foot Glass Elevator

Late Show W/SC: Lazer Ladies, Healthy Appetites, Just Heavenly Fudge

Late Late Show w/JC: Are We Getting Too Comfortable as a Show?

Sat, 05/29/2021

Joke Day: #5269

From: 05/14-16

Top of Page     Joke: 19

Late Late Show w/JC: Are We Getting Too Comfortable as a Show?

SNL: No More Masks Cold Open

SNL: Weekend Update: Tom Cruise Returns Golden Globes & Ohio State Massage

SNL: Weekend Update: CDC Lifts Mask Mandate

Sun, 05/30/2021

Joke Day: #5270

From: 05/16-17

Top of Page     Joke: 20

SNL: Weekend Update: Bob Baffert on Medina Spirit’s Failed Drug Test

SNL: Weekend Update: Liz Cheney on the Republican Party

Late Show W/SC: Sketchy Behavior Lands Bill Gates In A Segment With Matt Gaetz

Late Night w/SM: Matt Gaetz Wingman Pleads Guilty and Says He'll Cooperate with Feds: A Closer Look

Mon, 05/31/2021

Joke Day: #5271

From: 05/18

Top of Page     Joke: 21

Late Show W/SC: The Big Lie Lives On For House GOP, Arizona Republicans And Some Retired Military

Tonight Show w/JF: Biden Releases His 2020 Tax Returns, Ariana Grande Gets Married

Late Night w/SM: CDC Announces Fully Vaccinated Americans No Longer Need to Wear Masks

Daily Show w/TN: The Real Reason Workers Aren’t Running Back to Restaurant Jobs

Tue, 06/01/2021

Joke Day: #5272

From: 07/19

Top of Page     Joke: 22

Late Show W/SC: What Barack Obama Really Thinks About No. 45, Who May Face Criminal Charges

Late Night w/SM: Biden Calls for Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas

Daily Show w/TN: Police Unions Lift Code of Silence & Rudy Giuliani’s Son Runs for NY Governor

Late Late Show w/JC: What Are We Even Allowed to Talk About Now?

Mon, 07/19/2021

Joke Day: #5273

From: 07/13-7/17

Top of Page     Joke: 23

Tue, 07/20/2021

Joke Day: #5274

From: 06/03-06/14

Top of Page     Joke: 24

Wed, 07/21/2021

Joke Day: #5275

From: 6/16-6/19

Top of Page     Joke: 25