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Number Range: 5176 - 5200

Date Range: 02/3/21 ~ 02/26/21

Mon, 02/22/2021

Joke Day: #5176

From: 02/03

Top of Page     Joke: 01

Late Night w/SM: McConnell Says Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's "Loony Lies" Are "Cancer" to GOP

Daily Show w/TN: Australia Goes Back Into Lockdown & Pilots Forget How to Fly

Tonight Show w/JF: Biden Rambles on About Valentine’s Day During Interview

Late Late Show w/JC: James Corden Has a Job Waiting for Jeff Bezos

Tue, 02/23/2021

Joke Day: #5177

From: 02/03-04

Top of Page     Joke: 02

Late Night w/SM: GOP Stands by Marjorie Taylor Greene; My Pillow Guy's Newsmax Meltdown: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: What Will the New Coronavirus Relief Package Look Like?

Late Night w/SM: Biden Says Republicans' Coronavirus Relief Proposal Is Too Small

Daily Show w/TN: Jeff Bezos Steps Down & Amazon Steals From Delivery Drivers

Wed, 02/24/2021

Joke Day: #5178

From: 02/04

Top of Page     Joke: 03

Late Show W/SC:Harriet Tubman Will Finally Become The Face Of America's $20 Bill

Late Night w/SM: House Votes to Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from Committees: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: House Dems Crack Down on Guns & Newsmax Cracks Down on Mr. Pillow

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Invited to Testify at Impeachment Trial, Super Bowl Superlatives

Thu, 02/25/2021

Joke Day: #5179

From: 02/04-05

Top of Page     Joke: 04

Late Night w/SM: Biden Commits to Boosting Coronavirus Relief Checks

Daily Show w/TN: Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Punished by House and Disavows QAnon

Late Late Show w/JC: Biden Is Done with Bad Policy

Late Show W/SC: Quarantinewhile... How Dare You, Connecticut?

Fri, 02/26/2021

Joke Day: #5180

From: 02/05

Top of Page     Joke: 05

Daily Show w/TN: Biden Mask Plan, Olympic Head’s Sexism & Lil Uzi Vert’s New Rock

Tonight Show w/JF: Rudy Giuliani Blindsided by Radio Station Disclaimer

Late Late Show w/JC: Trump Quit the Actors Union: Who Cares!

Real Time w/BM: Monologue: Pass the Corona

Sat, 02/27/2021

Joke Day: #5181

From: 02/05-08

Top of Page     Joke: 06

Real Time w/BM: New Rule: America's Mass Delusion

SNL: Weekend Update: Morgan Wallen Video & Super Bowl Bets

SNL: Weekend Update: Biden’s Stimulus Plan

Late Show W/SC: Famous Films And The NFL Come Together For Stephen's Super Bowl Special Monologue

Sun, 02/28/2021

Joke Day: #5182

From: 02/08

Top of Page     Joke: 07

Late Night w/SM: GOP Senators Want to "Move On" from Trump's Second Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look

Tonight Show w/JF: News & Improved: Pelosi on Trump’s Impeachment, VP Harris Breaks Senate Tie

Late Late Show w/JC: Trump News Won't Go Away - Corden Catch-Up

Late Show W/SC: Reality Sets In After A Weirdly Normal Super Bowl Sunday

Mon, 03/01/2021

Joke Day: #5183

From: 02/08-09

Top of Page     Joke: 08

Late Night w/SM: Aides Claim Trump Feels Happier Since Leaving White House

Tonight Show w/JF: Tom Brady Wins Seventh Super Bowl, Lou Dobbs Loses Fox Show

Late Night w/SM: Impeachment Managers Make Powerful Case Against Trump to Open Trial: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Brady’s Big Win, Trump’s Impeachment Trial & A Vacationing Rioter

Tue, 03/02/2021

Joke Day: #5184

From: 02/09

Top of Page     Joke: 09

Late Show W/SC: Cowardly GOP Senators Look Away As Devastating Footage Shows Exactly Who Incited The Capitol Riot

Late Night w/SM: Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial Begins

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Rolls Out Trash Lawyers for His 2nd Impeachment Trial

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial Begins

Wed, 03/03/2021

Joke Day: #5185

From: 02/09-10

Top of Page     Joke: 10

Late Late Show w/JC: Is the NFL Ready for a Singing Referee?

Late Night w/SM: Trump's Impeachment Lawyers Are Very Bad: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Impeachment Trial Continues: Trump and GOP Slam Trump’s Lawyers

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Fuming over His Lawyer’s Impeachment Speech

Thu, 03/04/2021

Joke Day: #5186

Top of Page     Joke: 11

Late Late Show w/JC: What's the Deal with Trump's Impeachment Lawyer?

Late Night w/SM: Trump's Impeachment Trial Opens with Capitol Riots Footage

Daily Show w/TN: Impeachment Day 3: Unseen Riot Footage & Apathetic GOP Senators

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump’s Quick Impeachment Defense, Biden’s Long Call with China

Fri, 03/05/2021

Joke Day: #5187

From: 02/11

Top of Page     Joke: 12

Late Show W/SC: Even The Cat Lawyer Would Be A Better Impeachment Advocate Than Bruce Castor

Late Night w/SM: GOP Senators Warned About Trump's Violence - Now They're Ignoring It: A Closer Look

Late Late Show w/JC: Does Trump Need the Cat Lawyer?

Late Show W/SC: New Video Of Capitol Riot Reveals Shocking Violence And Emotional Pleas For Help

Sat, 03/06/2021

Joke Day: #5188

From: 02/11-12

Top of Page     Joke: 13

Late Show W/SC: Republicans Tune Out Damning Evidence As House Managers Warn That Acquittal Would Have Consequences

Late Night w/SM: Democrats Conclude Trump’s Impeachment Case

Daily Show w/TN: A Vaccine Loophole, A New Lunch Rule & An Island Rescue

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump’s Lawyers Blame Everyone but Trump for Capitol Insurrection

Sun, 03/07/2021

Joke Day: #5189

From: 02/12-13

Top of Page     Joke: 14

Late Late Show w/JC: Will Trump's Words Haunt Him? (Probably Not)

Real Time w/BM: Monologue: Revved Up for Romance

Real Time w/BM: New Rule: Not In It Together

Daily Show w/TN: Florida Water Gets Hacked & New Zealand Parliament Demands Ties

Mon, 03/08/2021

Joke Day: #5190

From: 02/13

Top of Page     Joke: 15

SNL: Second Impeachment Trial Cold Open

SNL: Weekend Update: Trump Acquitted in Second Impeachment

SNL: Weekend Update: The Pope Appoints Women & Aunt Jemima Changes Name

SNL: Weekend Update: Stephanie Green on Conspiracy Theories

Tue, 03/09/2021

Joke Day: #5191

From: 02/14-17

Top of Page     Joke: 16

Daily Show w/TN: Roundup: Week One of Trump’s Second Impeachment

Daily Show w/TN: Trump’s Acquittal, McConnell’s BS Excuse & MAGA’s Celebrations

Daily Show w/TN: New COVID Mutations & Cuomo’s Death Count Cover-Up

Daily Show w/TN: GOP & Fox Blame AOC’s Green New Deal for the Texas Power Crisis

Wed, 03/10/2021

Joke Day: #5192

From: 02/18-19

Top of Page     Joke: 17

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Attacks McConnell’s Chins & The Trump Plaza Hotel Implodes

Daily Show w/TN: Who Is Tucker Carlson?

Daily Show w/TN: Ted Cruz Jets to Cancun While Texans Freeze

Daily Show w/TN: How to Reopen Schools - Getting Back to Normal-ish

Thu, 03/11/2021

Joke Day: #5193

From: 02/21-22

Top of Page     Joke: 18

SNL: Britney Spears Cold Open

SNL: Weekend Update: Ted Cruz Goes to Cancun

SNL: Weekend Update: Vaccine Fraud and Mars Rover

Tonight Show w/JF: Ted Cruz Faces Backlash in Texas After Fleeing to Cancun

Fri, 03/12/2021

Joke Day: #5194

From: 02/22

Top of Page     Joke: 19

Late Show W/SC: Ted Cruz's Favorite President Could Face Jail Time For Tax Fraud

Late Night w/SM: Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Ted Cruz’s Photo Op & Texans’ Extreme Electric Bills

Late Night w/SM: Supreme Court Allows Trump's Tax Returns to Be Released

Sat, 03/13/2021

Joke Day: #5195

From: 02/23

Top of Page     Joke: 20

Late Show W/SC: NASA's Thrilling Mars Landing Is The Good News Pandemic-Weary America Needs

Late Night w/SM: Biden Administration Planning Outreach Program to Vaccine Skeptics

Daily Show w/TN: US Hits 500K COVID Deaths & People Will Do Anything for a Vaccine

Tonight Show w/JF: Biden Meets with Trudeau, New Jersey Legalizes Marijuana

Sun, 03/14/2021

Joke Day: #5196

March 16th From: 02/23-24

Top of Page     Joke: 21

Late Night w/SM: Seth Meyers on His 12-hour Cancun Vacation with Ted Cruz

Late Late Show w/JC: Tax Time Came Early for Trump This Year

Daily Show w/TN: The GOP Is Actively Working to Restrict Voting in Key States

Late Show W/SC: You're Not Crazy: Pandemic Paranoia Is A Real Thing

Mon, 03/15/2021

Joke Day: #5197

From: 02/24

Top of Page     Joke: 22

Late Night w/SM: Great Vaccine News Has Everyone Asking When Life Will Return to Normal: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: “Mean Tweets” Threaten Biden Cabinet & DeSantis Gives VIP Vaccines

Tonight Show w/JF: COVID-19 Relief Bill, Johnson & Johnson One-Shot Vaccine

Late Late Show w/JC: Who Shoulda Served Rudy His $1B Lawsuit?

Tue, 03/16/2021

Joke Day: #5198

From: 02/24-25

Top of Page     Joke: 23

Late Night w/SM: Biden Prepares to Punish Russia for Breach of U.S. Government

Daily Show w/TN: Black Vaccine Inequality - If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Late Show W/SC: The Seditionist Roundup Continues As More Idiots Are Charged For Roles In Capitol Riot

Late Night w/SM: GOP Backs Trump Ahead of His First Post-Presidency Speech at CPAC: A Closer Look

Wed, 03/17/2021

Joke Day: #5199

From: 02/25

Top of Page     Joke: 24

Late Night w/SM: New York District Attorney Obtains Trump's Tax Returns

Daily Show w/TN: The FBI Tried to Warn Capitol Police & Pence Still Talks to Trump

Tonight Show w/JF: Prosecutors Obtain Millions of Pages of Trump’s Tax Records

Late Late Show w/JC: We're Getting Good Vaccine News!

Thu, 03/18/2021

Joke Day: #5200

From: 02/25-26

Top of Page     Joke: 25

Daily Show w/TN: America’s Failing Power Grid - If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Late Show W/SC: Quarantinewhile... Don't Weep For The Abandoned Chuck E. Cheese Mouse

Real Time w/BM: Monologue: Welcome Reality Deniers

Real Time w/BM: 24 Things You Don't Know About Mike Lindell