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Number Range: 5051 - 5075

Date Range: 09/25/20 ~ 10/22/20

Thu, 10/08/2020

Joke Day: #5051

From: 09/25-28

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Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Is Desperate to Win Back Elderly Vote

Late Late Show w/JC: We've Found Trump's Most Truthful Statement

Late Show W/SC: Trump's Tax Returns Reveal Massive Personal Debts, Tax Liabilities And Staggering Business Losses

Daily Show w/TN: Trump’s Tax Avoidance and Massive Debt Revealed

Fri, 10/09/2020

Joke Day: #5052

From: 09/29

Top of Page     Joke: 02

Late Night w/SM: Trump and Biden Face Off in First Presidential Debate

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Demands Pre-Debate Drug Tests & The Rock Endorses Biden

Late Late Show w/JC: Trump Gets Pumped for September Debate with November Rain

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Wants Mail-In Voting to Fail

Sat, 10/10/2020

Joke Day: #5053

From: 09/28

Top of Page     Joke: 03

Late Night w/SM: Trump Tax Bombshell Reveals How the System Is Rigged: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Prepares for His Debate Against Vice President Biden

Late Night w/SM: Trump Calls for Biden to Get Drug Tested Before Debate

Sun, 10/11/2020

Joke Day: #5054

From: 09/30 A

Top of Page     Joke: 04

Late Show W/SC: LIVE Monologue After The First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

Late Night w/SM: Trump's Debate Performance Was an Embarrassing Debacle: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Trump “Stands by” White Supremacists in Off-the-Rails Debate

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump and Biden’s First Debate Was a Mess

Mon, 10/12/2020

Joke Day: #5055

From: 09/30 B

Top of Page     Joke: 05

Late Show W/SC: Trump Fails To Walk Back His Troubling Endorsement Of A Violent Hate Group During First Debate

Late Night w/SM: Trump Repeatedly Interrupts Biden in First Presidential Debate

Late Late Show w/JC: Rudy Seems to Know a Lot About Dementia

Late Late Show w/JC: Trump's Debate Advisor Had a Long NIght -- The Room Next Door

Tue, 10/13/2020

Joke Day: #5056

From: 10/01 A

Top of Page     Joke: 06

Late Show W/SC: Lindsey Graham Is On The Ropes In South Carolina As Republicans Struggle In Several Red State Races

Late Late Show w/JC: We Hope You Survived the Trump-Biden Debate

Late Night w/SM: Trump Lashes Out After Unhinged Debate Performance: A Closer Look

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Fails to Condemn White Supremacists at Debate

Wed, 10/14/2020

Joke Day: #5057

From: 10/01 B

Top of Page     Joke: 07

Late Show W/SC: GOP Worries They Backed The Wrong Horse As Biden's Lead Grows Following "Embarrassing" Debate

Daily Show w/TN: What Were Trump and Biden Listening to in Their Debate Earpieces?

Tonight Show w/JF: Even Trump Supporters Are Getting Tired of Him

Late Night w/SM: Trump Claims He Won the First Presidential Debate

Thu, 10/15/2020

Joke Day: #5058

From: 10/02

Top of Page     Joke: 08

Late Show W/SC: A Very Unusual Friday And A Very Unexpected Friday Late Show

Daily Show w/TN: Trevor Reacts to Trump Getting COVID

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

Late Late Show w/JC: Are New Rules Coming for Debates? Trump Hopes Not

Fri, 10/16/2020

Joke Day: #5059

From: 10/04

Top of Page     Joke: 09

SNL: Weekend Superspreader Event

SNL: Weekend Update: SCOTUS Nomination Fight & Vin Diesel Releases Song

SNL: Weekend Update: Trump Tests Positive for Covid

SNL: First Debate Cold Open

Sat, 10/17/2020

Joke Day: #5060

From: 10/05

Top of Page     Joke: 10

Late Show W/SC: Trump Says "Don't Let It Dominate Your Life,"

Late Night w/SM: Trump Leaves Hospital, Says "Don't Be Afraid of COVID": A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Has Coronavirus & The White House Does Damage Control

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Exposes Secret Service to COVID-19

Mon, 10/26/2020

Joke Day: #5061

From: 10/06

Top of Page     Joke: 11

Late Show W/SC: Trump Sends Stocks Tumbling With Hostage-Style Threat To Block Covid Stimulus Package Negotiations

Late Night w/SM: Trump Stages Maskless Photo Op While Still Infected with COVID-19: A Closer Look

Tonight Show w/JF: Mike Pence Prepares for His Debate Against Sen. Kamala Harris

Late Late Show w/JC: Donald Trump Is Back Home with COVID-19

Tue, 10/27/2020

Joke Day: #5062

October 27th From: 10/07

Top of Page     Joke: 12

Late Late Show w/JC: Trump Is Feeling Great & Ready to Debate!

Late Night w/SM: White House Staff Are Concerned with Trump’s Behavior

Daily Show w/TN: Coronavirus Spreads Rapidly Through the White House

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump’s White House Infested with COVID-19 and Raccoons

Wed, 10/28/2020

Joke Day: #5063

From: 10/08 A

Top of Page     Joke: 13

Late Show W/SC: Like Flies On What? Stephen Colbert Goes LIVE After The Pence-Harris VP Debate

Late Night w/SM: Pence Frequently Interrupts Harris in Vice-Presidential Debate

Daily Show w/TN: Facebook Bans QAnon & Instagram Hides Negative Comments

Tonight Show w/JF: Mike Pence Interrupted by Fly During VP Debate

Thu, 10/29/2020

Joke Day: #5064

From: 10/08 B

Top of Page     Joke: 14

Late Show W/SC: Trump Can't Keep His Story Straight About Miraculous Coronavirus 'Cure,' Backs Out Of Next Debate

Daily Show w/TN: What Was Pence Asked About

Late Late Show w/JC: Trump Is BACK and Extra Orange!

Daily Show w/TN: Pence’s Fly and Harris’s Expressions Steal The Debate

Fri, 10/30/2020

Joke Day: #5065

From: 10/09

Top of Page     Joke: 15

Late Night w/SM: Hey! Kamala Harris and Mike Pence’s 2020 VP Debate

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Refuses a Virtual Debate

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Coughs Through Bizarre Hannity Interview on Fox

Late Late Show w/JC: The VP Debate Was All the Buzz

Sat, 10/31/2020

Joke Day: #5066

From: 10/09 B

Top of Page     Joke: 16

Late Night w/SM: Hey! Kamala Harris and Mike Pence’s 2020 VP Debate

Real Time: Monologue: Superspreader-in-Chief

Late Night w/SM: Pence Frequently Interrupts Harris in Vice-Presidential Debate

Real Time: New Rule: Here Comes President Gus

Sun, 11/01/2020

Joke Day: #5067

From: 10/11-12

Top of Page     Joke: 17

SNL: Weekend Update: COVID-19 Protests & Sexy Hand Sanitizer

SNL: VP Fly Debate Cold Open

SNL: Weekend Update: Weekend Update: Trump Leaves the Hospital

Daily Show w/TN: The Trump Administration's First Term Corruption

Mon, 11/02/2020

Joke Day: #5068

From: 10/13-16

Top of Page     Joke: 18

Daily Show w/TN: Kim Jong-Un Shows Emotion & Barrett Avoids Abortion Questions

Daily Show w/TN: Why Donald Trump Is Threatening to Kiss You

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Obsesses Over Hunter Biden and a Bin Laden Conspiracy

Daily Show w/TN: Did Trump’s Rich Friends Get a Heads-Up About Coronavirus?

Tue, 11/03/2020

Joke Day: #5069

From: 10/18

Top of Page     Joke: 19

SNL: Weekend Update: Trump Rallies

SNL: Dueling Town Halls Cold Open

SNL: Weekend Update: Eric, Donald Jr. and Tiffany Trump on the 2020 Election

SNL: Weekend Update: Top Halloween Costumes & Grocery Store Racism

Wed, 11/04/2020

Joke Day: #5070

From: 10/16-19

Top of Page     Joke: 20

Late Night w/SM: Trump Ignores COVID Spike, Says He’ll Leave the Country if He Loses: A Closer Look

Late Night w/SM: Trump Begs Suburban Women to Support Him

Real Time: Monologue: Dueling Grandpas

Real Time: New Rule: Nut Pick

Thu, 11/05/2020

Joke Day: #5071

November 05th From: 10/19-21

Top of Page     Joke: 21

Daily Show w/TN:Trump's Border Wall: A Four-Year Saga

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Is Getting Crushed in the Polls

Late Show W/SC: The Mute Button May Play Into Trump's New Debate Strategy

Late Night w/SM: Trump Storms Out of 60 Minutes Interview, Attacks Lesley Stahl: A Closer Look

Fri, 11/06/2020

Joke Day: #5072

November 06th From: 10/21

Top of Page     Joke: 22

Late Show W/SC: Cruelty Was The Plan: Chilling News About The Human Toll Of Trump's Child Separation Policy

Late Night w/SM: Rudy Giuliani Caught on Video with His Hands Down His Pants

Daily Show w/TN: Early Voting Sets Records as Trump Trashes Dr. Fauci

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Ditches Pence at 60 Minutes Interview

Sat, 11/07/2020

Joke Day: #5073

From: 10/22

Top of Page     Joke: 23

Daily Show w/TN: Why Is Lindsey Graham Begging for Money?

Late Show W/SC: Great Moments in Debate History: Trump is mistaken for a wandering bear

Late Night w/SM: Trump Leaks Embarrassing 60 Minutes Interview Before Second Debate: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Biden Laps Trump in Fundraising

Sun, 11/08/2020

Joke Day: #5074

From: 10/22 B

Top of Page     Joke: 24

Late Night w/SM: Trump and Biden Clash in Final Presidential Debate

Daily Show w/TN: Counting Down Donald Trump’s 100 Most Tremendous Scandals: 100-76

Late Late Show w/JC: Dancin' Trump Walked Out of '60 Minutes'

Tonight Show w/JF: Trump and Biden Face Off In Final Debate

Mon, 11/09/2020

Joke Day: #5075

From: 10/23

Top of Page     Joke: 25

Daily Show w/TN: Obama Roasts Trump & Pope Francis Approves Same Sex Civil Unions

Tonight Show w/JF: Donald Trump Jr. Gets a Little Too Excited in Fox News Interview

Late Late Show w/JC: Trump & Biden Had a Hangout In Nashville

Real Time: Monologue: From Russia With Yuck