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Number Range: 4926 - 4950

Date Range: 05/05/20 ~ 05/25/20

Mon, 05/11/2020

Joke Day: #4926

From: 05/05 B

Top of Page     Joke: 01

Late Show W/SC: Jon Karl revisits President Trump's mockery

Late Night w/SM: President Trump Visits Arizona

Daily Show w/TN: The Battle Over Wearing Masks

Late Late Show w/JC: Eye Is On the Mend

Tue, 05/12/2020

Joke Day: #4927

From: 05/05-06

Top of Page     Joke: 02

Late Night w/SM: Not Now, Murder Hornets

Daily Show w/TN: COVID-19 Mutates & Antibody Tests Fail

Late Show W/SC: Looking A Little Shaggy? Might Be Time For A DIY Home Haircut!

Late Night w/SM: Trump’s New Coronavirus Strategy Is "Live and Let Die": A Closer Look

Wed, 05/13/2020

Joke Day: #4928

From: 05/06

Top of Page     Joke: 03

Late Show W/SC: Trump Reverses Course When He Realizes How Popular His Coronavirus Task Force Has Become

Late Night w/SM: President Trump Didn’t Wear a Face Mask While Touring a Face Mask Factory

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Won’t Wear a Mask and Backpedals After Task Force Backlash

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: Face Mask the Nation, What Are You Doing Wednesdays

Thu, 05/14/2020

Joke Day: #4929

From: 05/06 & SNL

Top of Page     Joke: 04

Daily Show w/TN: Beef Shortages & Jared Kushner’s Botched PPE Response

Late Late Show w/JC: Behind the Scenes of Trump's Disinfectant Idea - The Room Next Door

SNL: Weekend Update Home Edition: Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant

SNL: Weekend Update Home Edition: Banksy Makes Bathroom Art

Fri, 05/15/2020

Joke Day: #4930

From: 05/07 A

Top of Page     Joke: 05

Late Show W/SC: Trump's Valet Tests Positive For Covid-19 As His Campaign Prepares To Deploy Their "Death Star"

Late Night w/SM: Trump and His Allies Have a Plan for Protecting Themselves, Not You: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: College During Corona: Video Game Graduation & Zoom Bombs

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: Hashtags: #QuarantineMomQuotes

Sat, 05/16/2020

Joke Day: #4931

From: 05/07 B

Top of Page     Joke: 06

Late Night w/SM: President Trump and Melania Trump Celebrate National Day of Prayer

Daily Show w/TN: A Supreme Court Flush & Trump’s Nurse Tiff

Late Late Show w/JC: Are We Even On Television Anymore?

Late Late Show w/JC: Can James Corden Be Replaced by a James Corden Soundboard?

Sun, 05/17/2020

Joke Day: #4932

From: 05/08

Top of Page     Joke: 07

Late Show W/SC: Virtue Signal Premiere: Host Kylie Weaver Signal Boosts Supreme Court Toilet Flusher

Daily Show w/TN: Are Llamas the Cure for Coronavirus?

Late Late Show w/JC: The Best Video Conference Bathroom Decoy

Real Time: New Rule: Sex Monster

Mon, 05/18/2020

Joke Day: #4933

From: 05/08-11

Top of Page     Joke: 08

Late Show W/SC: Trump's Rose Garden Hissy Fit, Plus The Dumbest Thing The President Has Ever Said

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: Barbra Streisand Calls Jimmy

Daily Show w/TN: This Week's Good News

Daily Show w/TN: Trump's Coronavirus Response Timeline

Tue, 05/19/2020

Joke Day: #4934

From: 05/11 & Real Time

Top of Page     Joke: 09

Late Night w/SM: Trump Goes Off the Rails on Twitter and Fox News: A Closer Look

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: #Blessed #Inspired, Tariq Trotter's Irk List

Real Time: I Don't Know It For a Fact...I Just Know It's True

Daily Show w/TN: White House Coronavirus Outbreak

Wed, 05/20/2020

Joke Day: #4935

From: 05/11 & SNL

Top of Page     Joke: 10

Late Night w/SM: White House Staffers Test Positive for COVID-19

SNL: Zoom Church

SNL: Weekend Update Home Edition: Trump’s Valet Tests Positive for Coronavirus

SNL: Weekend Update Home Edition: Panda Express & Tom Cruise in Space

Thu, 05/21/2020

Joke Day: #4936

From: 05/12 & SNL

Top of Page     Joke: 11

Late Show W/SC: Trump Insists We've "Prevailed" As Dr. Fauci Refuses To Sugarcoat His Coronavirus Outlook

SNL: Zoom Church

SNL: Weekend Update Home Edition: Trump’s Valet Tests Positive for Coronavirus

SNL: Weekend Update Home Edition: Panda Express & Tom Cruise in Space

Fri, 05/22/2020

Joke Day: #4937

From: 05/12 & SNL

Top of Page     Joke: 12

Daily Show w/TN: What the F**k Is “Obamagate”?

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: Trampoline Tuesday

SNL: Weekend Update Home Edition: Jeanine Pirro on Coronavirus Lockdown Protests

Sat, 05/23/2020

Joke Day: #4938

From: 05/13

Top of Page     Joke: 13

Late Show W/SC: Republicans Are Sick Of Dr. Fauci Reminding Them Of How Many People Could Get Sick

Late Night w/SM: The Check In: Small Businesses

Daily Show w/TN: Trudeau’s Homework Help & The Sounds of New York

Late Late Show w/JC: Labor & Delivery Nurse Who Beat COVID Gets a Late Late Surprise

Sun, 05/24/2020

Joke Day: #4939

From: 05/13

Top of Page     Joke: 14

Late Night w/SM: Trump and Fox Try to Distract from Coronavirus with "Obamagate": A Closer Look

Late Night w/SM: Vice President Mike Pence Is Distancing from Trump

Daily Show w/TN: Twitter Works from Home Forever & McConnell Insults Obama

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: What Are You Doing Wednesday: Queen Concert

Mon, 05/25/2020

Joke Day: #4940

From: 05/14

Top of Page     Joke: 15

Late Show W/SC: Trump Throws Shade At Dr. Rick Bright As The Whistleblower Warns Congress Of Dark Days Ahead

Daily Show w/TN: Seriously, What Is “Obamagate”?

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: Hashtags: #FirstThingImGoingToDoWhenThisIsOver

Late Night w/SM: Jeff Bezos Could Become the World's First Trillionaire by 2026

Tue, 05/26/2020

Joke Day: #4941

From: 05/14-17

Top of Page     Joke: 16

Daily Show w/TN: The FBI Seizes Senator’s Phone & Wisconsin Overturns Lockdown

Daily Show w/TN: Which One of These Is Obamagate?

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: Show Us Your Books

Daily Show w/TN: This Week’s Good News

Wed, 05/27/2020

Joke Day: #4942

From: 05/18

Top of Page     Joke: 17

Late Show W/SC: Trump Fires State Dept. IG To Protect Mike Pompeo, Reveals He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Late Night w/SM: Obama Speaks Out About Trump’s Coronavirus Failures: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: President Obama Speaks to the Class of 2020

Thu, 05/28/2020

Joke Day: #4943

From: 05/19 A

Top of Page     Joke: 18

Late Night w/SM: Trump Claims Defense Department Developed a "Super-Duper" Missile

Daily Show w/TN: Vaccine Updates & Trump Fires Another Inspector General

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: (Nancy Fallon's Birthday Surprise)

Late Late Show w/JC: At Home Edition (Nancy Fallon's Birthday Surprise)

Fri, 05/29/2020

Joke Day: #4944

From: 05/19 B

Top of Page     Joke: 19

Late Night w/SM: Trump Says He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Holy Water Squirt Guns & Trikinis

Daily Show w/TN: Fox News Doesn't Think This Man Is Fit to Be President

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Takes Hydroxychloroquine

Sat, 05/30/2020

Joke Day: #4945

From: 05/20 A

Top of Page     Joke: 20

Late Show W/SC: Trump Claps Back After Pelosi Says The "Morbidly Obese" President Shouldn't Take Hydroxychloroqui

Late Night w/SM: South Korean Soccer Club Apologizes for Sex Dolls

Daily Show w/TN: Anti-Muslim Mask Policies & Zoom Jury Duty

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: (Jimmy Attempts #BottleCapChallenge)

Sun, 05/31/2020

Joke Day: #4946

From: 05/20 B

Top of Page     Joke: 21

Late Show W/SC: Muzzled By Trump, The CDC Releases Watered Down Guidelines For Reopening

Late Night w/SM: Joe Biden Criticizes Trump for Promoting Unproven Coronavirus Treatments

Daily Show w/TN: Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Scheme & South Korea’s Seat Fillers

Late Late Show w/JC: Behind the Scenes of Trump's Press Conference Meltdown - The Room Next Door

Mon, 06/01/2020

Joke Day: #4947

From: 05/20-1

Top of Page     Joke: 22

Daily Show w/TN: The Mike Pompeo Scandal & Trump’s Tantrum Over Mail-In Ballots

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: (What Are You Doing Wednesday: VR Fail)

Late Show W/SC: Our Positively Negative President Says "We'll Put Out The Fires" Of Any Second Waves Of Infection

Late Night w/SM: Trump Attacks Vote-by-Mail, Refuses to Wear a Mask: A Closer Look

Tue, 06/02/2020

Joke Day: #4948

From: 05/21

Top of Page     Joke: 23

Late Night w/SM: President Trump Tested for Coronavirus

Daily Show w/TN: Why Are We Still Having the Mask Debate?

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: (Jimmy Celebrates 2020 Graduates with Pizza Hut)

Late Late Show w/JC: James Corden Has Found His Favorite Cat

Wed, 06/03/2020

Joke Day: #4949

From: 05/21-22

Top of Page     Joke: 24

Daily Show w/TN: A 100-Year-Old Knight & A Possible Parallel Universe

Daily Show w/TN: Lori Loughlin Is Going to Prison & Twitter Bots Spread Fake News

Daily Show w/TN: How Are Teachers Handling Remote Learning?

Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon: (The Thinking Tree)

Thu, 06/04/2020

Joke Day: #4950

From: 05/22-25 A

Top of Page     Joke: 25

Daily Show w/TN: The Las Vegas Strip’s Reopening & Mike Pence’s Mild Wing Order

Real Time: Entrance Strategy

Daily Show w/TN: Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Daily Show w/TN: Trump’s Totally Not Weird Way of Standing