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Number Range: 4701 - 4725

Date Range: 09/16/19 ~ 10/03/19

Sun, 09/22/2019

Joke Day: #4701

From: 09/16

Top of Page     Joke: 01

Late Show W/SC: Trump Is Waiting For Saudi Arabia To Tell Him Who To Attack

Late Night w/SM: Trump Threatens War with Iran on Saudi Arabia’s Behalf: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: More Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh

Real Time: New Rule: Ranks for Everything

Mon, 09/23/2019

Joke Day: #4702

From: 09/17 A

Top of Page     Joke: 02

Late Show W/SC: Trump Defends Kavanaugh As New Account Of Sexual Assault Is Published

Late Night w/SM: Trump Thinks Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Make Him Look Orange

Daily Show w/TN: Warren and Trump’s Dueling Campaign Rallies

The Tonight Show w/JF: College Students Take Over the Tonight Show Audience

Tue, 09/24/2019

Joke Day: #4703

From: 09/17 B

Top of Page     Joke: 03

Late Show W/SC: Trump's Unlikely 2020 Victory Plan: Wooing Hispanic Voters

Late Night w/SM: Late Night Democratic Presidential Debate Round Three

Late Late Show w/JC: (Thanks) Obama Netflix

Wed, 09/25/2019

Joke Day: #4704

From: 09/18 B

Top of Page     Joke: 04

Late Show W/SC: Elizabeth Warren Tells Crowd Of 20,000: I Am Not Afraid

Late Night w/SM: Corey Lewandowski’s Congressional Testimony

Daily Show w/TN: Will Trump Go to War with Iran to Defend Saudi Arabia?

The Tonight Show w/JF: Sean Spicer's Dancing with the Stars Outfit Goes Viral

Thu, 09/26/2019

Joke Day: #4705

From: 09/18 B

Top of Page     Joke: 05

Late Show W/SC: Trump's New National Security Advisor Worked The A$AP Rocky Case

Late Night w/SM: Warren Surges as Democrats Focus on Trump’s Corruption: A Closer Look

Late Late Show w/JC: Trump Can't Believe He's Not WASP!

Fri, 09/27/2019

Joke Day: #4706

From: 09/19 A

Top of Page     Joke: 06

Late Show W/SC: Trump In California: Raking In Cash, Rolling Back Emissions Standards

Late Night w/SM: Trump Claims No One Loves Hispanics More Than Him

Daily Show w/TN: Mike Pence’s Horse Bite & Lou Dobbs's Ass-Kissing Trump Tribute

Late Late Show w/JC: LA Gives President Trump a Protest Fit for Hollywood

Sat, 09/28/2019

Joke Day: #4707

From: 09/19 B

Top of Page     Joke: 07

Late Show W/SC: Elizabeth Warren Closing In On Biden In Recent Polls

Late Night w/SM: Whistleblower Claims Trump Made “Troubling” Promise to Foreign Leader: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Justin Trudeau Under Fire for Wearing Blackface

The Tonight Show w/JF: President Trump Announces New Sanctions Against Iran

Sun, 09/29/2019

Joke Day: #4708

From: 09/19 C

Top of Page     Joke: 08

09/19 Late Show W/SC: America's Greatest Security Risk: Donald Trump's Mouth

09/19 Late Late Show w/JC: President Trump Left California with a Lot of Cash

Mon, 09/30/2019

Joke Day: #4709

From: 09/20

Top of Page     Joke: 09

Late Show W/SC: Trump Whines To Reporters About Obama's Netflix And Book Deals

Late Night w/SM: Trump’s New Border Wall Is Too Hot to Climb

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Autographs California Border Wall

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Dines with Australia's Prime Minister and KFC CEO

Tue, 10/01/2019

Joke Day: #4710

From: 09/23

Top of Page     Joke: 10

Late Show W/SC: They Do Not Like Him Anywhere: Trump Set to Speak at U.N. General Assembly

Late Night w/SM: Trump Pressured Ukraine to Meddle in the 2020 Election: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Trump’s Border Wall Visit & A Government Admission About UFOs

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Asked Ukraine to Investigate Joe Biden

Wed, 10/02/2019

Joke Day: #4711

From: 09/24 A

Top of Page     Joke: 11

Late Show W/SC: Buckle Up America: Pelosi Moving Forward With Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Late Night w/SM: Nancy Pelosi Calls for Whistleblower Report to Be Made Public

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Pressures Ukraine to Investigate Biden & Impeachment Looms

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Addresses Impeachment News at UN

Thu, 10/03/2019

Joke Day: #4712

From: 09/24 B

Top of Page     Joke: 12

Late Night w/SM: Nancy Pelosi Opens a Formal Impeachment Inquiry Against Trump

The Tonight Show w/JF: Nancy Pelosi Launches Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Late Late Show w/JC: Ukraine Is the New Russia

Real Time: I Don't Know It For a Fact...I Just Know It's True

Fri, 10/04/2019

Joke Day: #4713

From: 09/25

Top of Page     Joke: 13

Late Show W/SC: Trump-Ukraine Call Log Clearly Demonstrates Quid Pro Quo Demand

Late Night w/SM: Trump Releases Damning Ukraine Memo Amid Impeachment Inquiry: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Trump’s Ukraine Call Released

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Releases Ukraine Phone Call Transcript

Sat, 10/05/2019

Joke Day: #4714

From: 09/25 B

Top of Page     Joke: 14

Late Night w/SM: President Trump Meets with the President of Ukraine at the UN

Late Late Show w/JC: Nancy Pelosi Is Ready to Inquire About Impeachment

Real Time: Monologue: Trump's Treason Three-Way

Sun, 10/06/2019

Joke Day: #4715

From: 09/26 A

Top of Page     Joke: 15

Late Show W/SC: Innocent People Don't Do Things Like This: Trump's Ukraine Cover-Up Spills Into View

Late Night w/SM: Whistleblower Alleges Trump Cover-Up of Ukraine Scandal: A Closer Look

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Holds Press Conference to Address Whistleblower Complaint

Real Time: New Rule: Catch-23

Mon, 10/07/2019

Joke Day: #4716

From: 09/26 B

Top of Page     Joke: 16

Late Night w/SM: President Trump Is in Denial About the Gravity of Impeachment

Daily Show w/TN: Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint Released

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump's Impeachment Chances Grow with Whistleblower Report

Late Late Show w/JC: Winds of Whistles are Blowing Around Trump

Tue, 10/08/2019

Joke Day: #4717

From: 09/27

Top of Page     Joke: 17

Late Show W/SC: Trump's Political Allies Shamble To His Defense After Whistleblower Report

Late Late Show w/JC: This Whistleblower Complaint Is Becoming Deafening

Real Time: Monologue: America's Traitor

Real Time: New Rule: White Shame

Wed, 10/09/2019

Joke Day: #4718

From: 09/28 A

Top of Page     Joke: 18

Late Show W/SC: Rudy Giuliani Is At The Center Of Trump's Whirling Corrupt-Nado

Daily Show w/TN: Boris Johnson’s Tech-Paranoid U.N. Speech

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Could Face Articles of Impeachment by Halloween

SNL: Impeachment Cold Open

Thu, 10/10/2019

Joke Day: #4719

From: 09/28 B

Top of Page     Joke: 19

Late Show W/SC: Warren Passes Biden In Poll, Bernie Shops At Kohls

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump News Network: Impeachment Scandal

SNL: Weekend Update: Disney World’s Vegan Menu

SNL: Weekend Update: Democrats Launch Impeachment Inquiry Against Trump

Fri, 10/11/2019

Joke Day: #4720

From: 09/30 A

Top of Page     Joke: 20

Late Night w/SM: Trump and GOP Melt Down Amid Ukraine Scandal, Impeachment: A Closer Look

Late Night w/SM: House Democrats Subpoena Rudy Giuliani for Documents on Ukraine

Daily Show w/TN: Trump’s Potential Impeachment Snowballs

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Wants to Meet the Whistleblower

Sat, 10/12/2019

Joke Day: #4721

From: 09/30-

Top of Page     Joke: 21

Late Show W/SC: Trump Wants To Out The Whistleblower, Interrogate Rep. Adam Schiff

Daily Show w/TN: Trump’s Potential Impeachment Snowballs

SNL: Inside the Beltway

SNL: DNC Town Hall

Sun, 10/13/2019

Joke Day: #4722

From: 10/01

Top of Page     Joke: 22

Late Night w/SM: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Was on Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call

Daily Show w/TN: The Impeachment Trial of Rudy Giuliani

The Tonight Show w/JF: Kamala Harris Wants Twitter to Suspend Trump’s Account

Late Late Show w/JC: In the Age of Sequels, Trump Eyes the Civil War

Mon, 10/14/2019

Joke Day: #4723

From: 10/02

Top of Page     Joke: 23

Late Show W/SC: Colbert Explains The Ukraine Scandal To Ainsley Earhardt Of Fox & Friends

Late Night w/SM: Trump Is Having an Impeachment Meltdown: A Closer Look

Daily Show w/TN: Trump Wants a Border Moat Filled with Snakes and Alligators

Late Late Show w/JC: Summer's Out, Subpoena Season's In!

Tue, 10/15/2019

Joke Day: #4724

From: 10/02-3

Top of Page     Joke: 24

Late Show W/SC: As The Walls Close In, Donald Trump Is Clearly Losing It

Late Night w/SM: Trump Wanted the Border to Be a Water-Filled Trench with Snakes and Alligators

Late Show W/SC: Trump Stole His Border Alligators Idea From President Obama

Late Night w/SM: Trump Publicly Asks Ukraine to Investigate Biden Amid Impeachment: A Closer Look

Wed, 10/16/2019

Joke Day: #4725

From: 10/03

Top of Page     Joke: 25

Late Show W/SC: Trump Tries To Normalize His Criminal Behavior By Doing It In Public

Late Night w/SM: Trump Publicly Suggests China and Ukraine Investigate the Biden Family

Daily Show w/TN: Mike Pence’s Ignorance Defense

The Tonight Show w/JF: Trump Wanted to Build a Border Moat Filled with Snakes and Alligators