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Number Range: 4351 - 4375

Date Range: 09/13/18 ~ 09/26/18

Tue, 10/02/2018

Joke Day: #4351

From: 09/13 b

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Late Show: This Tweet Trumps All Other Horrible Trump Tweets

Late Night: Trump Lies About Puerto Rico Death Toll as GOP Braces for Midterms: A Closer Look

Daily Show: S**tstorm Donald Rages on Twitter While Hurricane Florence Hits the Carolinas

The Tonight Show: White House Plans Second Kim Jong Un Meeting with Trump

Wed, 10/03/2018

Joke Day: #4352

From: 09/13 b

Top of Page   Joke: 02

Late Show: Cops Crack Down On Long Island's Crack Pipe Vending Machines

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Department of Swagger

Late Night: Harry Potter and the Toupee of Doom, the Impossible Slider

Late Late Show: 'Fear' Is Very, Very Popular with Americans

Thu, 10/04/2018

Joke Day: #4353

From: 09/14

Top of Page   Joke: 03

Late Show: Porn Wars: Tucker Carlson Vs. Michael Avenatti

The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Makes History with The Tonight Show in Central Park

Real Time: Florence and the Ratings Machine

Real Time: New Rule: Scary Socialism

Fri, 10/05/2018

Joke Day: #4354

From: 09/18

Top of Page   Joke: 04

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Emmy Winner Glenn Weiss & New Fiancée on Surprise Engagement

Late Night: A Low-Level Russian Official, Brett Kavanaugh's Attorney

Daily Show: The World’s Oldest Human Drawing & Bad News for Vaping Teenagers

The Tonight Show: Trump Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Sat, 10/06/2018

Joke Day: #4355

From: 09/18-9 b

Top of Page   Joke: 05

Conan O'Brian: Andy Retires In The Middle Of Conan’s Monologue

Late Late Show: Add Toad to the List of Things Trump Has Ruined

Daily Show: GOP Pushes SCOTUS Vote Despite Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Late Show: The GOP Accuses Kavanaugh's Accuser Of Being 'Mixed Up'

Sun, 10/07/2018

Joke Day: #4356

From: 09/19 b

Top of Page   Joke: 06

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tracy Morgan is LaDonald Trump

Late Night: Toad from Mario Kart, Free Arby's Tattoos

Daily Show: Trevor Doesn’t Buy Senator Orrin Hatch’s Defense of Brett Kavanaugh

The Tonight Show: Stormy Daniels Details Her Night with Trump in New Book

Mon, 10/08/2018

Joke Day: #4357

From: 09/19 c

Top of Page   Joke: 07

Conan O'Brian: Conan Jokes About Trump's Penis & Richard Gere's Butt

Late Late Show: This Clip Is the Funniest from the Standpoint of Hahas

Late Night: GOP Stands by Kavanaugh Despite Sexual Assault Allegations: A Closer Look

Late Show: Trump's Less Than Magic Mushroom

Tue, 10/09/2018

Joke Day: #4358

From: 09/20 a

Top of Page   Joke: 08

Late Show: Stephen Simulates Next Week's Kavanaugh/Ford Hearing

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Team Trump? Eat Here!

Late Night: Trump Visits North Carolina, Batman's Penis

Late Late Show: Trump Has Wall Advice for European Mexico

Wed, 10/10/2018

Joke Day: #4359

From: 09/20-1

Top of Page   Joke: 09

Conan O'Brian: Conan On CNN’s Short Trump Penis Segment

Late Night: The "Law and Order” President on Collusion and Kavanaugh: A Closer Look

Late Show: Stephen Made Trump's Hurricane Response Into A Children's Book

Conan O'Brian: Conan On The Greatest Mistake In US History

Thu, 10/11/2018

Joke Day: #4360

From: 09/21

Top of Page   Joke: 10

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Putin Preying on Trump's Insecurity

Conan O'Brian: Business Is Booming At Mushroom Dick's

Real Time: New Rule: Narcissist in Chief

The Tonight Show: Trump Campaigns in Vegas, Plus Tweets with Beats

Fri, 10/12/2018

Joke Day: #4361

From: 09/21 b

Top of Page   Joke: 11

Daily Show: Bert and Ernie’s Sexuality & Trump’s Toad Penis

Real Time: Private Parts and Public Hearings

Late Night: One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Maria, Octopuses on MDMA

Late Show: This Week In Penises: Batman And Chip The Buffalo

Sat, 10/13/2018

Joke Day: #4362

From: 09/22-3

Top of Page   Joke: 12

Late Show: The State That's Removing Hillary Clinton From Textbooks

The Tonight Show: Jimmy and The Roots Remember the 21st Night of September

Trump’s Sahara Desert Border Wall & Marijuana for Maine Lobsters

Late Late Show: That's 'Ambassador Rihanna' to You Now

Sun, 10/14/2018

Joke Day: #4363

From: 09/24

Top of Page   Joke: 13

Late Show: Trump Wants To Build A Wall... In The Sahara Desert

Late Night: Rod Rosenstein Chaos; Trump Attacks Kavanaugh's Accuser: A Closer Look

Daily Show: Kavanaugh Defends Himself Against Sexual Assault Allegations with His 1982 Calendar

Late Show: Dr. Ford Is No Longer Kavanaugh's Only Accuser

Mon, 10/15/2018

Joke Day: #4364

From: 09/25 a

Top of Page   Joke: 14

Late Show: Confusion Ensues During Rosenstein's White House Visit

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Drunk Donald Trump Reminds Us He Won AGAIN

Late Night: Trump Defends Brett Kavanaugh, Sex Robots

Daily Show: Kavanaugh Touts His Virginity to Refute Allegations of Sexual Assault

Tue, 10/16/2018

Joke Day: #4365

From: 09/25 b

Top of Page   Joke: 15

Late Show: The World Unites In Laughing At Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump May Fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Late Night: Brett Kavanaugh: Couple Things

The Tonight Show: News & Improved: Woman on Safari Can't Believe How Close Animals Got

Wed, 10/17/2018

Joke Day: #4366

From: 09/25 c

Top of Page   Joke: 16

The Tonight Show: Arizona Congressman's Siblings Star in Attack Ad Against Him

Late Late Show: Trump Got a Big Laugh at the United Nations

Conan O'Brian: 13 More Accusations & Brett Kavanaugh Can Run For President

Thu, 10/18/2018

Joke Day: #4367

From: 09/26 a

Top of Page   Joke: 17

Late Show: Trump Doesn't Believe The 'Acquisitions' Against Kavanaugh

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump's Impassioned Defense of Brett Kavanaugh

Late Night: World Leaders Laugh at Trump, Bill Cosby Sentenced to Prison

Daily Show: America Gets a Lifetime Appointment to Brett Kavanaugh News

Fri, 10/19/2018

Joke Day: #4368

From: 09/26 b

Top of Page   Joke: 18

Late Show: The Late Show Presents: Meanwhile

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's Insane Press Conference & "Prayers" for Kavanaugh

Late Night: Trump Holds Crazy Press Conference to Defend Brett Kavanaugh: A Closer Look

The Tonight Show: BTS Gives a UN Speech

Sat, 10/20/2018

Joke Day: #4369

From: 09/26 c

Top of Page   Joke: 19

Late Show: This Is Why Trump Doesn't Do Solo Press Conferences

Late Late Show: Donald Trump Takes Shots at George Washington

Conan O'Brian: Sowing Chaos & Destruction Is Trump’s Thing

Late Show: The World Is Laughing At Us

Sun, 10/21/2018

Joke Day: #4370

From: 09/27 a

Top of Page   Joke: 20

Late Show: Dr. Ford's Heartbreaking Testimony Was Not A Con Job

Jimmy Kimmel Live: immy Kimmel on Kavanaugh Hearing

Late Night: Brett Kavanaugh's Third Accuser, Dunkin' Donuts' New Name

Daily Show: Rod Rosenstein Rumors, Selfie-Related Injuries & A Very Reckless Bus Driver

Mon, 10/22/2018

Joke Day: #4371

From: 09/27 b

Top of Page   Joke: 21

Late Late Show: Recapping a Long, Tough Day for America

Conan O'Brian: Kavanaugh Is A Weird Freak Who Keeps Calendars From 1982

Late Night: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh Testify: A Closer Look

The Tonight Show: Trump Plays Off UN Diplomats Laughing at His Speech

Tue, 10/23/2018

Joke Day: #4372

From: 09/28

Top of Page   Joke: 22

Late Show: Brett Kavanaugh Screams About His Innocence

Late Night: Trump's Press Conference, Chocolate Chunkin' Pumpkin Cheesecake

Daily Show: Ted Cruz’s Restaurant Ouster & Nelson Mandela’s U.N. Statue

The Tonight Show: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Testify

Wed, 10/24/2018

Joke Day: #4373

From: 09/28

Top of Page   Joke: 23

Late Show: Brett Kavanaugh Screams About His Innocence

Late Night: Trump's Press Conference, Chocolate Chunkin' Pumpkin Cheesecake

The Tonight Show: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Testify

Thu, 10/25/2018

Joke Day: #4374

From: 10/01

Top of Page   Joke: 24

Late Show: Donald Trump's 'Self-Made' Claims Are Bogus

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Hope for Kavanaugh & Other Men Accused of Sexual Assault

Late Night: Trump Defends Kavanaugh in Crazy Press Conference Amid FBI Probe: A Closer Look

The Tonight Show: FLOTUS Melania Trump Takes a Solo Trip to Africa

Fri, 10/26/2018

Joke Day: #4375

From: 10/03 b

Top of Page   Joke: 25

Late Show: Trump Takes A Stand For The Real Victims: Men

Late Night: Trump Defends Brett Kavanaugh, Robots Suspended for Sexual Harassment

Late Late Show: Surprise! The Trump's Taxes Are Very Shady!

Conan O'Brian: Conan On Trump's Quick Probe