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Number Range: 4301 - 4325

Date Range: 07/26/18 ~ 08/06/18

Sun, 08/05/2018

Joke Day: #4301

From: 07/26

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Late Show: Don't Even Try To Out Stupid Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump/Cohen Tape Sounds Like Mob Movie

Late Night: Michael Cohen Releases His Secret Trump Tape: A Closer Look

Daily Show: Trump’s Favorite Problems to Fix Are the Ones He Created

Mon, 08/06/2018

Joke Day: #4302

From: 07/26

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Late Night: Michael Cohen's Secret Recording, Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Late Late Show: James Corden Has Thoughts on 'The Proposal'

Late Show: Trump Whines 'This Never Happened To Obama'

Tonight Show: Jimmy Leaks Brand-New Trump-Cohen Tapes

Tue, 08/07/2018

Joke Day: #4303

From: 07/27

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Late Show: The Special Counsel Is Following Trump's Twitter

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump on Tape: The Complete Collection of Cohen's Secret Recordings

Late Night: Trump Avoids Reporters and Lies About His Tariffs: A Closer Look

Late Night: Betsy DeVos' $40 Million Yacht, World Snail Racing Championship

Wed, 08/08/2018

Joke Day: #4304

From: 07/27

Top of Page   Joke: 04

Late Late Show: Yes, We Have More 100% Very Real Trump-Cohen Tapes

Late Show: Another Michael Cohen Audio Recording

Daily Show: Staten Island Has a Serious Deer Problem

Tonight Show: Biden 2020 Campaign Slogans, Tonight Show News Blender

Thu, 08/09/2018

Joke Day: #4305

From: 07/28

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Tonight Show: "I Don't Think So, Honey" with Matt and Bowen

Daily Show: Twitter Lashes Out at the Wrong Michael Cohen

Late Show: Stephen Examines The Conservative 'Walk Away' Memes

Late Show: Betsy DeVos' $40 Million Yacht Was Set Adrift

Fri, 08/10/2018

Joke Day: #4306

From: 07/30

Top of Page   Joke: 06

Late Night: Rudy Giuliani Says Collusion Is Not a Crime: A Closer Look

Late Late Show: If It's Not Dairy, It's Not Milk (It's Nut Juice)

Late Show: Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Know If Colluding Is Crime

Late Show: Betsy DeVos' $40 Million Yacht

Sat, 08/11/2018

Joke Day: #4307

From: 07/31

Top of Page   Joke: 07

Late Show: Accountability Is Meaningless Unless It's For Everybody

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Rudy Giuliani Flip-Flops on Michael Cohen & Collusion

Late Night: Lindsay Lohan's New Reality Show, National Cheesecake Day

Daily Show: So Much News, So Little Time: Beyoncé, LeBron, Zimbabwe, Iran!

Sun, 08/12/2018

Joke Day: #4308

From: 07/31

Top of Page   Joke: 08

Late Late Show: High-Heeled Crocs Are Here & They're Beautiful

Tonight Show: Trump News Network: Collusion Is Not a Crime

Late Show: Trump Joins The 'Collusion Is Not A Crime' Chorus

Tonight Show: Rudy Giuliani's "You" Tweet Gets The Roots Treatment

Mon, 08/13/2018

Joke Day: #4309

From: 08/01

Top of Page   Joke: 09

Late Show: How The 2018 Midterms Became About Bigfoot Porn

Late Night: Getting to Know Brett Kavanaugh

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bigfoot Porn is a Thing

Daily Show: Rudy Giuliani Rants About "Scumbag" Michael Cohen

Tue, 08/14/2018

Joke Day: #4310

From: 08/02

Top of Page   Joke: 10

Late Show: How Mueller Sparked Trump's Latest Twitter Fit

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy Kimmel's 4-Year-Old Daughter Gave Him Directions

Late Night: Trump Pushes Another Tax Cut, Calls for End to Russia Probe: A Closer Look

Wed, 08/15/2018

Joke Day: #4311

From: 08/02

Top of Page   Joke: 11

Daily Show: Trump Fights Obstruction with Obstruction

Late Night: Paul Manafort's Suits, Alf Reboot

Real Time w/Bill Maher: Enema of the People

Thu, 08/16/2018

Joke Day: #4312

From: 08/03

Top of Page   Joke: 12

Late Show: Ivanka's Courageous Stance Of 'The Media Isn't The Enemy'

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Perfect Voice for ALF Remake

Real Time: New Rule: The Party of Putin

Late Night: The Tiny Voice in the Back of Donald Trump's Head

Fri, 08/17/2018

Joke Day: #4313

From: 08/04-06

Top of Page   Joke: 13

Daily Show: 3D-Printed “Ghost Guns” Hit a Legal Snag

Late Show: They Can Hack Our Elections, But Don't Take Our Arby's

Late Night: Trump Confesses on Twitter; Rick Gates Testifies Against Manafort: A Closer Look

Late Late Show: Steven Seagal Is Going to Save US-Russia Relations

Sun, 08/19/2018

Joke Day: #4314

From: 08/06

Top of Page   Joke: 14

Late Show: What? The Trump Tower Meeting Wasn't About Adoptions?

Daily Show: Trump Slams LeBron James on Twitter & Crashes a Rally in Ohio

Late Night: Trump Attacks LeBron James, Amish Uber

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Hey Donald Trump - Climate Change Affects You Too!

Mon, 08/20/2018

Joke Day: #4315

From: 08/07

Top of Page   Joke: 15

Late Show: Colbert Meets A Religious Liberty Task Force Special Agent

Late Night: The Check In: Andrew Wheeler and the Environmental Protection Agency

Daily Show: Gates & Manafort: The White-Collar Bonnie & Clyde

Late Late Show: Dogs In Sunglasses

Tue, 08/21/2018

Joke Day: #4316

From: 08/08

Top of Page   Joke: 16

Tonight Show: President Trump Hosts CEO Dinner During Vacation

Late Night: Robert Mueller's Birthday, Pissing Match

Daily Show: Team Trump’s Plot to Block Legal Immigrants from Citizenship

Wed, 08/22/2018

Joke Day: #4317

From: 08/08

Top of Page   Joke: 17

Late Night: Chris Collins, Trump's Earliest Congressional Backer, Indicted: A Closer Look

Late Show: Rick Gates: Confessions, Infidelity, And 'WTF'

Late Show: How Donald Trump Butted Into Ohio's Special Election

Late Show: Trump Floated Firing Mueller 20 Times While Golfing

Thu, 08/23/2018

Joke Day: #4318

From: 08/09

Top of Page   Joke: 18

Late Night: Orange Privilege, Pornhub's Awards Show

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump is the Least Racist Person Ever

Daily Show: Franklin's 50th "Peanuts" Anniversary

Late Show: The GOP Congressman Who Broke The Law At A Picnic

Fri, 08/24/2018

Joke Day: #4319

From: 08/09

Top of Page   Joke: 19

Late Late Show: Hollywood, '90s Pence & Broadway Stars Hate Trump

Late Late Show: Double Jorts Is an Expensive Thing Now

Late Show: Video Of The Wedding Stephen Ruined With Almond Milk

Late Night: Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look

Sat, 08/25/2018

Joke Day: #4320

From: 08/09

Top of Page   Joke: 20

Late Late Show: Honest Headlines

Tonight Show: Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit Private Topics Leaked

Late Show: Mike Pence Tries To Make Space Force Sound Less Dumb

Sun, 09/02/2018

Joke Day: #4321

From: 08/10

Top of Page   Joke: 21

Late Show: Trump Isn't Taking A Vacation From Lying

Tonight Show: VP Pence Pitches Space Force to Pentagon

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump is the Least Racist Person Ever

Daily Show: Venezuela’s Assassination Scare & Alex Jones’s Media Exile

Mon, 09/03/2018

Joke Day: #4322

From: 08/10

Top of Page   Joke: 22

Late Show: Is God Okay With Drake Trademarking 'God's Plan'?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's Space Force Gets Celebrity Endorsement

Late Late Show: Will the 'Omarosa Tapes' Go Down in American History?

Real Time: New Rule: IQ

Tue, 09/04/2018

Joke Day: #4323

From: 08/11-13

Top of Page   Joke: 23

Daily Show: The KKK Tempts Kids with Candy & Undocumented Immigrants Enter the U.S. from Canada

Tonight Show: Trump Is Working Toward Fracking Over America

Late Show: Omarosa Is Starting To Think Trump Might Be Racist

Late Night: Rudy Giuliani and Omarosa Cause Problems for Trump: A Closer Look

Wed, 09/05/2018

Joke Day: #4324

From: 08/13

Top of Page   Joke: 24

Late Late Show: The Omarosa-Trump Tapes You Haven't Heard!

Daily Show: Popular Movies at the Oscars, Boris Johnson's Burqa Remarks & Crime-Fighting Cattle

Daily Show: Omarosa’s Secret White House Tapes

Thu, 09/06/2018

Joke Day: #4325

From: 08/14

Top of Page   Joke: 25

Late Show: Geography 101: World Maps Trump Can Understand

Late Show: Omarosa Reveals Trump's Secret Staff Nicknames

Late Night: Omarosa's Secret Recordings, NASA's Probe

Tonight Show: Omarosa's Secret Trump White House Recordings