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This web site is designed to support liberal and progressive ideas. Often, these are associated with the Democratic Party. This is done with humor and information. Our many original 'toons and the extensive collection of jokes support this.

We also get the best 'toons from the web. We have permission to display their work and encourage you to visit their sites. Links on the images are included for this purpose.

Our Bush Composite Approval Poll is unique to the web. We average all the current national non-partisan polls and come up with a number that eliminates temporary high and low polls.

A poll has to be less than 30 days old to be on the poll and must have a history. Unfortuantely, many polls switch back and forth with other organizations. This causes a "known" poll be become unknown and it is removed until it has enough history that we know it isn't a temporary thing.

This web site is configured to the current standard of web design. We use CSS to build the presentation and make it consistent.


Originally, this web site was built to help support the Democratic Forum on Compuserve. They didn't have web abilities at the time. That is no longer the complete case and this web site has grown to the humor and information site that it is today.


This is the third format for the web site and hosted by the third company when we needed PHP/MySQL support and as our required space grew too large for the last place.

Our prior configuration included a lot of embedding pages using includes. Currently, we are switching to stand-a-long pages that can be individually linked to.

We are running on a unix host (therefore it is case sensitive).

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