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Late Night From 07/21
Part 2

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Donald Trump’s not backing down. Yesterday he said he doesn’t need to be lectured by the other Republican candidates, who he says have no business running for president. Not to be confused with Donald Trump, who ran for president and now has no business.

In a speech in South Carolina, Donald Trump responded to criticisms from Senator Lindsey Graham by giving out Graham's personal cellphone number. Graham knew something was up when he saw he had more than one missed call.

Republicans in Congress are getting concerned that President Obama will try to use the final year of his term to push through too many controversial laws. Obama would’ve responded but he was busy drafting his new "mandatory Mexican gay weed" bill.

In a new campaign ad, Jeb Bush referenced “The Godfather” and said his nickname used to be “Veto Corleone” because he vetoed so many bills in Florida. When you’re the third person in your family to run for president, maybe you shouldn’t bring up a movie trilogy where the third one was clearly the worst.

The Late Late Show with James Corden
In California, Google has been testing its self-driving car on public roads. And that self-driving car has gotten into its first major accident. Already. The future is here.

Here's how powerful Google is, and nobody is really talking about it. Apparently, if you do a search for "Google car accident," Google just redirects you to adorable cat videos. And it works.

One advantage of a self-driving car is it cuts down on road rage, which I'm learning is a major problem in America. In England we don't have road rage. We have road squabble. And we always sort it out with a glove to the face and a game of snooker.

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