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Late Night From 07/09

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Welcome to the Tonight Show. I’m Jimmy Fallon — and in the time it took me to say that, Germany scored five more goals against Brazil.

There was a huge blowout at the World Cup yesterday when Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the semifinals. It got so bad that the refs told Brazil, “You know what? Go ahead and use your hands.”

Germany was really excited about the World Cup win. When asked what they're going to do next, Germany said, "We're going to invade Disney World!"

Congrats to LeBron James who just announced that he and his wife are expecting their third child. When asked if he wants a boy or a girl, LeBron said he was currently reviewing his options and would let the media know when he made a decision.

The Late Show with David Letterman
At the World Cup, Germany defeated Brazil 7-1. Germany really mauled Brazil. In fact, Angela Merkel scored two goals.

Germany took care of Brazil. Now it's on to Poland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia.

Happy birthday to Ed Lowe, the man who invented Kitty Litter. Here's what I admire about Ed Lowe. Here was a guy who was thinking inside the box.

Happy birthday also to O.J. Simpson. Of course you remember O.J. He was charged with double homicide and forced to sell his NBA team. O.J. cut the birthday cake and then hid the knife.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Today is National Sugar Cookie Day. The entire month of July is National Cream Month. You're welcome, diabetes.

There was a big TV show tonight that premiered on CBS — "Extant." It stars Halle Berry and was produced by Steven Spielberg so you know CBS spent money on it, just like they did this show.

In "Extant" Halle Berry plays an astronaut who mysteriously winds up pregnant after a space mission. The series will answer the question: How did Arnold Schwarzenegger get onto that ship?

Late Night With Seth Meyers
Yesterday, Brazil lost to Germany in the World Cup semifinals by a score of 7 to 1. People in Brazil were so upset that they partied only until 3 in the morning.

A British man is being fined 150 pounds for stealing a box of diapers. The man was able to steal the diapers because they were being guarded by a Brazilian goalie.

According to a new report from BP, the earth will run out of oil in 53 years. Luckily, thanks to BP, the ocean will still have plenty.

In an upcoming article for The Wall Street Journal, Tyra Banks predicts that everyone will have a robot in the future. The article raised a lot of good questions, like: Why is The Wall Street Journal interviewing Tyra Banks?

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