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Late Night From 08/18
Part 1

Jimmy Kimmel Live
For a lot of children, the party known as summer is over today. The pencils are sharpened. The taters have been totted. Do you know it's illegal to send your kid to school without posting a picture of the kid with a backpack?

Don't worry, kids. School will end eventually and then you'll get to go to a different kind of school called work, and it only ends when you get old and die.

There's boxing news. Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao and since that night over 30 lawsuits have been filed alleging the fight was a fraud. People are demanding their $100 back on the grounds that Pacquiao didn't reveal he had a shoulder injury until after the fight. They're Pacqui-outraged.

I was there. I paid a lot more than $100 to see that fight. But I can personally attest that it was real. It was a real boring fight, but it was a real fight. Listen, if we could sue every HBO event that was a letdown, everybody involved with the new season of "True Detective" would be in jail right now.

Late Night With Seth Meyers
Donald Trump told reporters yesterday that it would be very easy to round up all undocumented immigrants. But remember, this is the guy who couldn't even round up real celebrities.

A new CNN poll shows that Carly Fiorina has pushed Chris Christie out of the top 10 for the Republican nomination. Unfortunately, she threw her back out doing it.

A New Jersey restaurant is offering a special menu this month that doesn't list prices, but instead asks customers to pay what they think is fair. According to the sign in the window, the restaurant is called "This Space for Rent."

Google has announced that the next version of its Android phone software will be called Marshmallow. It'll be similar to the last version but with s'more features.

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