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Late Night From 01/19
Part 1

Jimmy Kimmel Live
The matchup for the Super Bowl is set. The New England Patriots take on the defending champs, the Seattle Seahawks. Idina Menzel from the movie "Frozen" will sing the national anthem, and Katy Perry will perform at halftime. It's the first Super Bowl targeted specifically at 7-year-old girls.

Seattle was down 16-0 at the half. They came back to win in overtime. It was a devastating loss for Green Bay fans. And let me tell you something. There is no sadder sight than a man shedding a tear with a giant piece of cheese on his head.

The Patriots crushed the Colts 45-7. Reportedly the league is investigating New England for deflating footballs during the game. I guess if you take some of the air out of the football, it gives the offensive team an advantage in cold weather. The Patriots allegedly deflated the balls by telling them they're worthless and would never amount to anything.

The Patriots are denying they deflated the balls. Coach Bill Belichick said there was no tampering. He said all the needles they have are used strictly for injecting steroids.

Late Night With Seth Meyers
After "American Sniper" made $90 million this weekend, director Michael Moore tweeted yesterday that snipers aren't heroes. I don't know, Michael Moore. If you are that easy to spot, do you really want to make an enemy out of snipers?

This fall Pope Francis will host Mass at Madison Square Garden. And unlike the New York Knicks, he will have a prayer.

According to a new study, people who live near trees are richer, smarter, and healthier — and people who live in trees make more cookies.

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